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A Strong end to a Strong Start
A great start and a great end to a raiding week (We'll just ignore Sunday - those days just happen from time to time!)

A strong end to this weeks raiding gave us 2 additional Mythic kills, now putting us at 4/10 and bumping us up another couple of places in the Realm Rankings, a great job by all.

Also welcome To Chall the new Resto Druid and Iriana the new Arcane Mage.

I dont think Thanthalas has done the kills vids for these yet but keep an eye on for updates

As always credit to Thanthalas for the videos, Pandie for Raidleading and the Raiders for turning up!

Cb x
There's no hiding the fact that a handfull of people have moved on from Exception in the last few months since WoD hit.

What needs to be remebered and noted is we have maintained our Guild Culture and Ethic and continued to chip away and Progress in HM on a casual format/raid schedule, nipping at the heals of Nakajin Taru the entire way and staying well ahead of any other Alliance guild behind us. Not to mentioned we are seeing consistant attendnce from 22-28 raiders which is great for any GM and raidleader :)

Now that BRF is coming maybe Kasiruz might take some gear... and not return it 5 mins later!

Highmaul isn't quite over yet but we look forward to BRF and below are some Kill Videos!

Thanks toThanthalas for the work he puts in making these videos, and Thanks to Pandie for Leading us through these encounters

Mythic Brackenspore


With Warlords of Draenor (WoD) approaching we can proudly look back at a 14/14 Heroic SoO clear and 30 mounts obtained.  With numerous kill videos its probably best to hit WoD with a short reflection on some our finer moments in clearing SoO so enjoy ........ (note there is no footage of any gemming issues ..... nor will there ever be!!!)

A big thank you to those that contributed throughout the expansion and hopefully we will see you all at launch of WoD.

In relation to the Garrosh kill for the raw unabridged version of the kill visit or see the video below.

As we enter into the year of the Potato we can with all certainty say........  "Its there to be had"

About Exception
The Guild

Exception was formed in 2006 and has raided all content spanning across all brackets (10, 20, 25 and 40 man) and over the years has formed a solid group of core players. Our previous progress includes completing SoO heroic (Pre 6.0) and attaining 30 mounts in total for the guild. Our current focus is mythic progression in Highmaul using a comfortable, flexible raid schedule to accommodate RL commitments.

Exceptions sights are firmly set on Mythic content, having cleared 14/14 Heroic SoO you can be assured we will be aspiring to clear Mythic.

The Raid Schedule

We require our members to raid at least 2 out of our 3 raid days a week (preferably all three obviously). We raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 19.30 to 23.00.

We work on a basis that we assume you will attend every raid (no need to sign up per raid) however if you are unable to make a raid, we ask that you make an away post on our forum.

We use EPGP for loot distribution and Team Speak for communication during raids.

You can catch some of our Live streams (Both in and out of raids) at: -> Thanthalas -> Shaakez -> Pandie -> Dely

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in game with any questions on my real ID: Coburn#2121.

Cb x
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