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re: Application, fire mage


Name : My name is Pierre ( Peter for you guys in English :p ) 


Age : 21


Where are you from? : I'm from France, near Marseille 


Why would you like to join Exception? : I'm really tired about french community, and i want to play in an English guild to be able to advance in PVE HL, while keeping an IRL life, and all this with less drama than in France


What do you expect of us? :  I'm waiting for a guild that has ambitions, but that allows me not to play wow every day, and an atmosphere that goes with it!


What can we expect from you? : A fourth Mage? :p! No, more seriously, a motivated player, ready to hear the critics, and who applies the Strat to the letter


Why did you leave your old guild? : As I said there is too much drama in the French guilds and I'm looking for something more calm, more posed


Battletag : pierre#2448




Character information


Name : Ohmagegad


Class and Spec : Firemage / frost 


Weapon traits: 79 fire, 76 frost, 75 arcane


Is this your main character? : Yes


Please give us a brief explanation of your rotation or spell priority : At the stat level, I have 63% crit, which is largely enough, so It better now to focus mastery or poly according to fights (more at least short, more at least AOE). As far as the talents, pretty basic, I switch with the rune/flux according to the movements on the boss, even if in the farming boss phase as is the case now I tend to much more use the rune. Then I put a sheaf of flames on the AOE fights, the living bomb not serving me on this raid I can not find the utility except on EONAR. Regarding my last talent, I use the meteor only on Kingaroth, because the CD of the Combu will no longer vary and scale on the burst of the adds.


Are you comfortable in playing your off spec if needed? : Yes, i can play frost spec, but actually arcane not at 100% 


Link to raidlogs if possible (ie warcraftlogs)  :


Armory link :



Raiding information


What is the raiding accomplishment you are the most proud of? : I'm going to be honest with you, I play wow since Wotlk, but I always played at a rhythm of casu, that being due to my schooling, whether at the time of high school, or even for my graduate studies, I preferred to invest myself in depth , and now that I have my BAC + 3 in my pocket I have more freedom and play time on WOW. So I'm not going to be able to talk about my old guilds, I've always been in Casu, with the first bosses of each landing in MM (heroic at the time) but never more.
As for this éxtension, I started in a guild called WYRD, a guild that has more as a goal to play in a good mood than to actually advance! The evening rate was 3 evenings/week, and I stayed there for a year. I decided to leave the guild, with a lot of hesitation, because I had to create links with the members, but I had all the same desire to be able to do the PVE HL, since the time I wish this but that I do not have the availabilities , I decided to get started, I apply at spotted (good yes it's not HL of crazy but I went from a guild to 4/11 at the time to a guild at 9/11).


Can you make all of our raid days and times? : Yes, i can


Do you have TS3 and a working microphone? : Yes, i do


We require you to have the addon EPGP (for loot distribution) and Exorsus Raid Tools. Please confirm you have these downloaded and working : I dont have EPGP, but i'll download it for sure! 


Please post a screenshot(Can be uploaded on of your current ingame UI, if you have weakauras/Tellmewhen then please show those also :




Additonal information


Where did you hear about us? I looked on wowprogress the guilds that matched my expectations and you typed me in the eye


Is there anything you'd like to add? French are the best :p !


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re: Application, fire mage


Au Revoir Bon venue 

I think you've already spoken to Cons and happy for you to join us on Wednesday for the re clear to see how it all feels and fits. 


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