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re: App: Garoha

The application submitted by Garoha is as follows:

Personal Information



Where are you from?:

What do you expect of us?:
Literrally, a last shelter for a tired player. This is my first application to join high ranked guild..Pushing my luck..yes but I do need to join people with who I can evolve and give my best ig.

What can we expect from you?:
Let 's start with my good attitude in the game which is hard to prove at this stage, but I am a kind person/player, I like to help others, I am not selfish, I have patience, I don't whine, I hate Alliance, I am not funny though. Talking roster needs, I have a paladin Belf with 3 specs just ready to switch whenever the need calls. It is my only ready-to-raid character because I don't have enough time to level up alts. Mostly, I play on weekends but I do give it mythic dungeon runs during weekdays (evenings) after work.


Character information


Class and spec:
Paladin with Protection/Holy/Retribution

Is this your main character? :
Yes and clearly the only one for Legion

Please give us a brief explanation of your rotation or spell priority :
Lately, I like to dps most of the time since I have looted my BiS legndaries. Sorry I like to talk too much but doing damage as retpaladin is so easy: judge target , get holy power charges and spend them depending on single target or multiple. Use strikes and blade of justice and of course burst cooldowns.

Are you comfortable in playing your off spec if needed? :

Armory link:

Link to most recent logs:

Raiding information

What is the raiding accomplishment you are the most proud of?:
Healing Argus heroic 8/11. I play WoW since TBC, my most accomplishment was killing Illidan in a private server though, it was not an easy task.. Happy

Can you make all of our raid days and times? :
I am fully available during weekends for raids but I may join during weekdays if needed.

Please post a screenshot(Can be uploaded on of your current ingame UI, if you have weakauras/Tellmewhen then please show those also:

We require you to have the addon EPGP (for loot distribution) and Exorsus Raid Tools. Please confirm you have these downloaded and working:

Do you have TS3 and a working microphone? : :
Yes. Also, Twitch and Discord.

Where did you hear about us?:
A search result.

Additional information. Please use this section to add any additional comments:
Well, I found it difficult to convince any guild to recruit me since I m not advanced in pve related content (even pvp, ) but I am ready now and I will join a good guild because I am tired of doing nothing serious in game and trying to do everything by myself since months. I appreciate in advance your time for reading my application.

Thank you for making an application, an officer will reply as soon as possible.

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