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re: DECLINED - App: ZeeZhade - by ßioactive


Hi ZeeZhade


Thanks for the application but unfortunatley we're going to have to decline


Goodluck in your guild search


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re: Argus kill logs.

0 just to point out that i didnt buy a boost :P


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re: App: ZeeZhade

The application submitted by ZeeZhade is as follows:

Personal Information



Where are you from?:

What do you expect of us?:
To reclear AtBT every week, and a team to go into BFA with.

What can we expect from you?:
You can expect a player who focuses on nothing but improvement, but also a friendly social player outside of raids. I strive to become a better player in every aspect. Achievement and gear matters less to me than performance.


Character information


Class and spec:
Marksmanship hunter

Is this your main character? :

Please give us a brief explanation of your rotation or spell priority :
With t20 you wanna only cast two Aimed shots in a row for maximum uptime on t20 buff. Outside of that you wanna generally spend pool and repeat that. Generally opener is Windburst into Crows into an arcane shot into double Aimed shot.

Are you comfortable in playing your off spec if needed? :
I haven't played much BM or Survival, but since mms is pretty much the only viable spec for mms, i'd stick with mms for the rest of the expansion.

Armory link:

Link to most recent logs:

Raiding information

What is the raiding accomplishment you are the most proud of?:
I don't have too many accomplishments as i started out playing wow as a casual up and until Legion where i started raiding, since then i got 4/9 during ToS, and im currently 3/11 with an argus kill behind my back. I do also have kingaroth progression, since i was in a 6/11 guild for some time.

Can you make all of our raid days and times? :
I do not have problems with raid times ever. I always schedule around raids.

Please post a screenshot(Can be uploaded on of your current ingame UI, if you have weakauras/Tellmewhen then please show those also:

We require you to have the addons RC Loot Council, Exorsus Raid Tools & Weak Auras. Please confirm you have these downloaded and working:

Do you have TS3 and a working microphone? : :
I do have TS3 and a working microphone.

Where did you hear about us?:
I was browsing Wowprogress and stumbled opon you.

Additional information. Please use this section to add any additional comments:
Reason for leaving current guild is that the environment is way too toxic for me, I don't mind raid banter, but when it's outside of raids in a more rude way, it gets too much. I have not announced yet that I'm leaving, and i doubt that neither my GM or RL have any valuable information to collect about me.

Thank you for making an application, an officer will reply as soon as possible.

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